07 February 2012


What is enlightenment but simply awakening
To the innate awareness, to the timeless birthright.
Liberation is abiding freely in that discerning ignorance.

* * * *
Identity is like cotton candy bought at a carnival,
A lot of puff concocted from practically nothing.

* * * *
When you awaken after sleeping,
There is a moment when the awareness
Resumes remembering the patterning it plays.
You could be anywhere, anything, anybody,
And what form and identity do you choose
But that which you are least able to resist.

* * * *
Though no one really knows anything, more than a few spout what the masses follow.

* * * *
Desire for gratification of the senses and thought,
Despite its ceaseless tangle of suffering,
Is what binds you in time.

* * * *
Duality is the outcome of ignorance,
And ignorance of the false nature of opposites,
Is the vain prison that identification ceaselessly fortifies.

* * * *
Why cater to something an individual or group
Said or did tens or hundreds or thousands of years ago?
History, whether personal, tribal, national, or world,
Is perhaps the greatest misery of consciousness.

* * * *
When you discover what you truly are, what you truly are not,
What is left but an inexplicable sense of awareness, unchained.

* * * *
You are the nexus through which the mystery manifests a personal view of time and space.

* * * *
Groups of any spiritual persuasion are social crock-pots
For those agreeing to collude to the dogma of one mythos or another.
To regard any as exclusive bastions of wisdom and harmony
Has repeatedly proven to be hollow self-deception.