07 February 2012


To invoke a name of god
In any conflict is unutterable vanity.
There has never truly been a spiritual conflict,
Only the countless petty squabbles
Of self-serving dogmas.

* * * *
As large or small as you may take it, what you must really discern is your own eye.

* * * *
Do not allow suffering deprive you
Of a golden heart, joyful eyes,
A genuine smile, dancing feet,
Real friends, and a child's laughter.

* * * *
You suffer the linear continuity of time and space
Because your view of awareness is locked
Into a constricted conscious identity
That is not, has never been,
Will never be, real.

* * * *
True science would not disregard common sense.

* * * *
Whatever path you may be inclined to wander,
Whether good works, devotion, intellect, or meditation,
In any combination, weighted in any manner,
All meander the same vast mystery.

* * * *
There appears to be a path, but in reality there has never been a footprint to make one.

* * * *
Philosophy not culminating in the serenity of timeless indivisibility,
Is merely desolate wordplay pandering to the desire for continuity.

* * * *
Without the eyes, you would not observe.
The ears gone, you would not hear.
The nose, you would not smell.
The touch, you would not feel.
The tongue, you would not taste.
The mind, you would not discern.
Remove them all, and you would be,
What in awareness, you have been all along.