07 February 2012


How will you be psychologically free?
There is no method.
It happens when you will abide
No further infringement from any portion of the illusion,
When you are at last sovereign enough to journey alone, whatever the course.

* * * *
To identify with thoughts
Is akin to the ocean believing
It is the sound of waves crashing.

* * * *
Too big to see how small it is,
Too small to see how big it is,
You are, nonetheless, all of it.

* * * *
No word touches it.
No language explains it.
No mythos contains it.

You are it.
You have always been it.
You will ever be it.

* * * *
Polish that mirror
Until all you see is you.

* * * *
There is really no religion, no Way,
Just keen observing of a passing mystery
Beyond comprehension or conclusion.

* * * *
Symbols, mantras, postures, diets, practices of any sort
Are not really necessary, just absorbing distractions
Until you sharpen your concentration and discernment,
And finally realize it can only be puzzled out very much alone.

* * * *
Any given mythos is essentially an unspoken agreement, a set of rules,
With language, rituals and symbology to assure its continuity in the unborn.
When you see the collusion of tradition for what it really is, all become relative.