07 February 2012


There is really only one Way.
It is without division or boundary.
It is without name or theology.
Awareness is its scripture,
Here now its venue,
You its witness,
Your life the journey.

* * * *
Sculpt a vast number of clay figurines,
All different shapes, sizes, and colors,
Give them every sort of name and belief,
They are ever of the original lump of clayness.

* * * *
Serenity is the outcome of integration, not an ideal.
Ideals are merely abstractions of unresolved duality
Ceaselessly playing hide-and-seek with themselves.

* * * *
Neither hard nor soft, sharp nor dull,
Wise nor foolish, humble nor vain,
Sweet nor bitter, long nor short,
Strong nor weak, large nor small,
Good nor bad, intelligent nor stupid,
Truth nor lie, far nor close,
Stirring nor still, love nor hate,
Light nor dark, perfect nor imperfect,
Nor duality ad infinitum,
You are.

* * * *
Supreme being, or supreme beingness?

* * * *
Your dream is an outcome
Of the mirrors streaming alongside you.
Transcending all manifest reflections is the challenge.

* * * *
Psychologists, with their countless labels and gimmicks,
Have yet to discern what the mind really is, and is not.

* * * *
Any existence is like a sailboat journeying to and fro upon the surface,
Creating ripple after ripple ever merging with other ripples,
All coming and going, while the ocean remains.