07 February 2012


Mythoi across this shrinking planet
Migrate in every possible direction without respite.
The geographic isolation that created this remarkable manifest diversity
Is less important than discerning the thread of indivisibility
With which all creation is woven together.

* * * *
If … you only had better health;
A stronger, younger, more vibrant body;
A highly capable, nimble mind;
Wealth, power, status;
Lived in a different place or time …
If …
Would make no difference.
All destinies are only variations
Of the same unfolding dream.

* * * *
Before light and dark,
Right and wrong,
Birth and death,
Yes and no,
Good and evil,
Have and have not,
Compassion and cruelty,
Knowledge and ignorance,
Order and confusion,
Sage and fool,
Before duality in any form,
You are.

* * * *
Your real parent is a now long before time.
All creation is immaculately conceived.

* * * *
If there is any attachment,
Any desire to be bound,
One cannot discover the ultimate.
Even the yearning for liberation must die away.
You simply become what you are, what you have all along been.

* * * *
Claims of religious persecution are absurd, fictional paths to glory.
Countless peoples of every persuasion have suffered throughout history.
Many, perhaps most, have claimed themselves chosen by the divine.
The arrogance of collusion has always been an enticing delusion.