07 February 2012


Jesus is rumored to have said, "I Am The Way.”
Was he saying, as many believe, that he alone was “The Way”?
Or was he perhaps suggesting that we are all “The Way”?
Perhaps he meant "I Am” . . . is . . . The Way.”
Or simply plain old “I Am, The Way.”
Or maybe, if paradox was at play,
As is often the case with seers,
Any and all of the above.

* * * *
One man's law too easily becomes another's dogma.

* * * *
You are a part of the whole,
Not a part distinct from the whole.

* * * *
Nowness, practically done as it happens,
Requires memory to pattern out
What it believes occurred.

* * * *
Do not equate groupthink, no matter
How convincingly obstinate and persuasive,
With truth.

* * * *
To state simply, "I am the Way."
Means you no longer identify with the theater
Or the partial role your body once fooled you into believing.

* * * *
When languages are made an end in themselves,
We forget their original purpose was communication.
No word, no concept has ever, or will ever, capture reality.

* * * *
Disentangle your consciousness
From all the compromises organized religions
Have made with ignorance, superstition and myriad other delusions
Born of the illusory craving to know fostered by time.

* * * *
In any theater production, there are many parts, many characters.
The road to tranquility is spending less time envying roles others play,
And at some point finding contentment with the hand you have been dealt.